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This site is a Wiki of useful information & tips for Postgraduate Researchers and RA's in the Swansea University Computer Science Department.

It is run and maintained by the research group, for the research group.

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Why this site?

Anyone who's been in the department for more than a week will have heard a thousand or so times from everyone about the mythical CS-Wiki on CS-Svr1... But how do you log onto CS-Svr1, and why should you go through all the hassle?

And so the myth continues on for another generation of researchers. Maybe one day we'll embark on an expedition to find the original CS-Wiki, if it still exists, and learn from what the ancient CS Researchers of yesteryear have to teach us.

Where can I store my lunch?

We have a large kitchen on the South end of the 4th floor lab with a fridge and plenty of cupboard space. There is also (I'm told) a small kitchen on the 5th floor if you're working upstairs.

I need a desk, a computer, a chair, a finished and printed thesis so I can jump 3 years ahead; who should I talk to?

Well for most of those things Dr. Mark Jones (our lab supervisor) is the person to talk to. Drop him an email or pop down to 3rd floor and try to catch him in his office.

It may also, however, be a good idea to talk to your research supervisor first to make sure they haven't made (or were planning to make) any special arangements for you such as a more powerful computer for graphics or a larger/multiple monitors.

It's worth noting that if things are going to take a few days to be delivered or setup for you, your fellow researches in the labs are a friendly bunch. If you're in dire need of this or that we can probably sort you out at least temporarily. :)

I have my computer, but what about some tools and software?

The university is a part of a programme with Microsoft called DreamSpark which allows us to download and licence almost all of Microsofts software for non-comercial purposes.

This includes everything from IDE's like the latest version of Visual Studio 2013 Unlimited, operating systems ranging from Windows XP to Windows 8.1, and management tools such as Microsoft Project and Visio.

If you don't have login details for DreamSpark contact our deparment IT Team.

I need a software licence for my work and it wasn't on Dreamspark?

Contact our department IT Team and they can help you with any software the department licenses.

As of January, 2014 the University has a campus wide licence for Matlab.