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Who are we?

When many of us first started in the department we found that it was hard to get to know people. Everyone's working, and as the new person it can seem intimidating to interrupt someones work to say hello.

To help alleviate this hopefully people should have noticed someone new (make a loud noise and watch our heads pop up like meerkats) and have come to introduced themselves. But even then, if you're anything like me it's difficult to remember 30+ new names overnight.

Below is a list of people working in the labs with their names, a photo, and a short description of what they work on:

Are you not listed?

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Gerrit Niezen

Gerrit Niezen

I'm a postdoctoral researcher in the human-computer interaction research group. My research looks at the interaction design and user interfaces of medical devices, focusing on improving their safety and usability. I'm also interested in the role that open source hardware can play in improving the safety of these devices.

Joss Whittle

Joss Whittle

I'm a Computer Graphics PhD student working under Dr. Mark Jones & Dr. Ben Mora. My research focuses on finding efficient ways of estimating high-dimensional integrals for Physically Based Rendering.