Computer Science Swansea Postgraduate Wiki

Monday Reading Group

The research group is proud to announce the revival of the "monday reading group". The aim of the group is to meet once a week and to each take 5-10 minutes to discuss an interesting paper we've recently read.

What topics should papers be on?

Anything related to computer science or your research. That said, if you've stumbled upon a truly interesting paper in one of our neighboring fields then please bring it along.

I'd like to attend, but have not got a paper prepared...

Absolutely fine. While we'd like to encourage everyone to contribute a paper they've read recently and found interesting, it is by no means mandatory. Come along for the discussion and to hear about interesting papers others have found. Also coffee. Lots of coffee..

Time and Location

Meetings of the reading group will be on Mondays at 4pm in the 4th floor kitchen of Faraday Tower. All are welcome.

Want to find a paper discussed in the group?

Submit a bibtex entry to the Google Docs file.

    title  = {The title of your paper},
    author = {John Doe},
    year   = {1997},
    school = {Swansea University}